Immigrate to Canada without a job offer

Canada is the land of opportunities that gives exciting possibilities and welcomes immigrants without a job offer as well.

Based on the Canadian experience class, an immigrant can also qualify to migrate without a job offer. Canada immigration is made possible without secured employment based on the available programs. If you are a skilled worker, you can apply for permanent residency under the federal skilled worker program associated with the Canadian labor market.

Based on the skills and the assessments, the applicant is selected based on the point system and classifies whether a migrant is the potential to apply under the PR without a job offer or not?

There are a few occupations listed under the Canadian workforce which are published for the application under immigration to Canada without a job offer.

The applicant needs to have a full-time work experience of a minimum one year and obtain the necessary points under the comprehensive ranking system, point-based.

If an applicant has completed the Ph.D. program from Canada than the applicant is eligible for the migration without a job offer as a skilled worker.

There are PNP (Provincial Nominee Program) which allows migrating without a job offer. For example, if you have a family in Canada, you can migrate without job certification.

Migration under PNP:

Those migrants who have specific skills and experience listed in demand under the SINP occupation list can apply for the application without a job offer as well.

Migration under the express entry system:

The primary credentials required to migrate to Canada without job offer is the ability to speak in French, English and age limit.

Educational background, adaptability, and work experience are other significant selections for migration.

If you are an Indian and look for the job opportunities in Canada, here are a few ways how you can search for the same:

  • Search online: The list of job vacancies in Canada are listed on the popular sites online
  • Recruitment agencies: The consultants can help to look for the job placement and shares the job options

Getting an immigration visa is not easy to have it without the consult of any immigration visa consultant. For this, the consultant needs to have an extensive network and settle down the candidate by having a valid visa.

Rejection in visa leads to unnecessary loss of money delay in the approval of visa application and wastage of time.

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