Highest paying jobs in Australia – 2020

One of the many reasons that people migrate to Australia is a better lifestyle. It is no surprise then that Australia offers many well-paid jobs.

Here are the top 10 highest paying jobs in Australia in 2020:

1. IT System Architect: The IT industry is booming in Australia. Hence, it is not surprising that IT System Architects earn up to AUD 139,690 per year. An IT System Architect builds, designs and tests the entire IT infrastructure of organizations that have an internal network. They handle highly sensitive and complex projects, which requires not only knowledge and information, but also previous experience. Since this job is extremely technical and requires expertise, IT System Architect is one of the highest–paid jobs in Australia.

2. Information Technology Manager: Information Technology Managers are responsible for the active and effective deployment of software in the IT systems. Senior Information Technology Managers can earn as much as AUD 125,000 per year.

3. Engineering Manager: Depending on the discipline of engineering, Engineering Managers can earn as much as AUD 132,350 per year. For example, Engineering Managers in Oil, Gas and Energy earn much more than those working in Mining and Chemicals.

4. Information Technology Security Architect: The demand for information technology security is going through the roof in Australia. Hence, Information Technology Security Architects are some of the most highly paid in Australia. There are a large number of vacancies for these professionals in the country. An Information Technology Security Architect may earn up to AUD 124,000 per year.

5. Analytics Manager: Managing and manipulating data are the prime responsibilities of Analytics Managers. These professionals are most in–demand in companies that deal with a large number of data. Analytics Managers can easily earn around AUD 118,820 per year.

6. Cloud Engineer: If you specialize in Cloud Engineering, you should definitely consider moving to Australia. Even though it is a recently generated job, it is soon becoming one of the most required jobs in the IT sector. A Cloud Engineer can earn up to AUD 115,590 per year.

7. Data Scientist: A Data Scientist in Australia can easily earn up to AUD 100,000 per year. You need to have extensive experience in the technical field, along with a good academic background.

8. Construction Manager: Construction Managers are one of the most highly paid in Australia and are expected to earn even more in 2020. Since the building industry is booming in Australia, Construction Managers can earn as much as AUD 111,390 per year.

9. Python Developers: Python is the most commonly used software development language, and hence it is a significant force in the IT industry. Australia currently has around 2,600 vacancies for Python Developers. A Python Developer can earn up to AUD 100,000 per year in Australia.

10. Wellbeing Manager: Even though this job is a recent creation, it is quite in demand in large companies concerned with their employees’ wellbeing. Wellbeing Managers in Australia can earn up to AUD 110,520 per year.

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