ICS s.a.r.l. is an educational organization established & registered in Lebanon with the aim to provide outstanding support to aspiring students. ICS s.a.r.l. has been working as an authorized representative for various prestigious institutions in Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom.

ICS is a service oriented organization that consistently explores better educational and career opportunities for deserving candidates. ICS is a group of highly trained professionals in the field of education with main aim is to provide the highest quality of counseling to prospective students in the selection of colleges and universities to find the right program of study based on their needs and talents.

ICS also provides guidance and help for application procedures, visa processing and inform students about foreign policies of education and part time jobs during studies.

ICS firmly believes in quality education at affordable price and is committed to providing the best guidance and helping students to explore their potential for better life.

ICS welcomes comments, suggestions and involvements from students, representatives of colleges and universities to promote education excellence with genuine information and to bring quality improvement in the counseling process. ICS is dedicated to develop committed and passionate learners who want to make a career of their choice.

A wide experience working for studying, immigrating, and visiting abroad Agency. A wide knowledge and understanding of many countries Education, Immigration and Visiting regulation systems. In Education, ICS sarl provides guidance to students wishing to pursue their studies abroad while working at the same time. We work closely with more than 20 educational institutions so satisfy and tailor our services to the need of every applicant. In Immigration, ICS sarl assists residents of the Middle East with consultant services to apply and obtain all kinds of Visas and permanent resident by applying to the Skilled Migration programs. In Visiting and tourism, ICS sarl provides a multitude of services for applicants in the Middle East, and Vice versa. The services include representation, research, forms filling, and more…


ICS will endeavour to promote education excellence thus being true to its mission statement Counselling for Promoting Educational Excellence.

The professional guidance and approach at ICS is often the overwhelming process which can reduce anxiety and insure the best possible match of students to avoid any case of disappointment.


Our target is to make things easier between Middle East and the International world in the fields of Education, Immigration and Visit. We aim for proactivity, providing values and a friendly customer service.

The knowledge that we do is essential for our client’ s interests: we seek to serve them through the understanding of their needs, the use of the best resources, and the follow up of effective methodologies that result in success.



Mon - Friday 9am - 5pm

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Note: We appreciate your feedback and we look forward to hear your comments and suggestions.